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What about the high upfront cost of LED lights?

What about the high upfront cost of LED lights?

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The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is arguably of greater significance than the initial purchase cost.

While the initial purchase price of an LED downlight may be many times that of a halogen, if we consider maintenance and energy costs, it can be shown that the payback point can occur within around 3 years or less depending on usage.

After this time, the consumer is actually saving money due to this initial investment. That saving and the associated reduction in carbon emissions continues every year for the (very long) life of the product.

For a faster uptake of the technology to occur, there must be a process of education with consumers, which is already starting to happen worldwide. TCO demonstration is an important tool needed to accelerate the uptake of LED technology in the community.

With mass production driven by global demand, manufacturing costs will be forced down. LED lighting will soon become the domestic and commercial lighting of popular choice.

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